Air Transport

We have formal certificate from civil aviation organization in iran. We are able to receive your warehouse receipt at the earliest possible time even we can deliver it to you at the time of the flight for special goods.

Marine Transport

Our service includes different types of marine transport and composite transport and we offer our services with high flexibility with participation of best shipping companies.

Rail Transport

road transport and rail transport for light and heavy cargo to differene parts of the world.road transport is also good for economy,tourism and etc.

Road Transport

It is possible to transport your goods at the earliest time with domestic and international transite such as major ports and boarder and customs.

پذیرش نمایندگی

با بهره گیری از شبکه گسترده در سرار جهان ، از شرق تا غرب و از شمال تا جنوب ما به خوبی در چهار گوشه جهان مستقر هستیم تا مشتریانمان اطمینان داشته باشند که کالایشان به موقع و صحیح و سالم به مقصد خواهد رسید.

اطلاعات بیشتر

Our company with a long history is one of the active company with best resources and safest services among other internatioal transport companies in iran.we have branches in different parts of Europe and Asia and we are able to offer the best services in air transport ,sea transport,rail and road transport.

آسیا و اروپا

This is possible task with permission letter of commerce ministry or exhibition company of the country aiming to participation in the exhibition and submit guarantee for exhibitory goods.

Check Series of bill of lading / code officer and contractor / date of the bill of lading / origine/destination / number plate of the vehicle.

Carrier services , forwarding intelligent comprehensive services , fleet tracking services ,multimodal logistics services, customs services , port services ,Transhipmnt services and Door to Door Service.

door to door Transportation just means that collect the goods in the warehouse of the selller, and deliver the goods to the warehouse of the buyer.

Import firm means A certain import commodity for domestic consumption and temporarily imported are the goods which enter from a customs territory and exit from the same territory or in other border and includes the following forms: - the temporary import of goods aims to repair, completion or participation in the exhibition. - Temporary import of video devices, aerial photography, practical devices, technical, etc. - the temporary import of goods, practical and technical - Temporary admission of motor vehicles and non-motorized and Temporary import of containers.

JIT is abbreviation of JUST IN TIME.Management philosophy includes a comprehensive series of principles and techniques of extended production. If the production be ontime in any organisation, then can compete well in the market with the help of JUST IN TIME. it reduces waste and improves product quality and production efficiency .from the managment's perspective production system means Purchase of raw materials and other production parts just at the time of using material should be colected from sellers.Apart from that The production will be done after obtaining order from the customer, so the production system called "production-demand pull system" because till the customer doesnt order the production will not start. This is opposite to traditional production systems in which material is injected as much as possible in the production process and production will be done as much as possible . This approach has several principles. If a company wants to practice this approach in their manufacturing process must carry out a series of principles as much as possible.

Tariffs on goods varies from 4% to 12% depending on type of the shipment. It may changes in specific cases for a period of time.

it means a maritime waybill and non-transferable document which issued to the person who his/her name is mentioned in the letter.

داراي دفاتر نمايندگي معتبر در بعضی از شهرها و کشورها

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